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Frisco Chiropractor | Frisco chiropractic care | TX | Injuries

Wellness Solutions Frisco

8501 Wade Blvd. #310
Frisco, TX 75034


What to expect:

Dr. Ferrell has many tools to help you recover from your injury. The first step is to accurately diagnose which tissue, joint or nerve has been damaged. Dr. Ferrell uses a combination of Orthopedic test, Neurological test and X-ray to help him make this determination. We also have access to MRI if needed. Once a diagnosis is made Dr. Ferrell will review his findings, treatment plan and expected treatment time.

Conservative treatments:

Chiropractic Adjustments

  • Focus on Joint Alignment, Nerve Damage/Impingement and Overall Body Function.


Soft Tissue Treatments

  • Active Release Therapy (Muscle, Tendon, Ligaments and Fascia)
  • Fascial Distortion Model (Muscle, Tendon, Ligaments, Fascia, Joint capsules and Labrums)


Passive Therapies

  • Ultrasound (Inflammation & Pain)
  • Muscle Stimulation (Muscle Spasms)
  • Cold Laser Therapy (Cellular Metabolism)
  • TENS (Pain and Muscle Spasm)

Active Therapies

  • Stretches

             •PNF, Static, Ballistic, Resistant

  • Exercises

            •Strength, Cardiovascular, Balance & Coordination, Core Strength


Injection Therapies:


  • Complex Sugar designed to repair damaged tendon tissue


Platelet Rich Plasma

  • Your own platelets designed to nourish and repair damaged tissue



  • Natural (Pitcher Plant) anti-inflammatory & pain reducer



  • Anti-inflammatory & pain reducer
  • We use a bio-identical corticosteroid, it has the same effects as the corticosteroids your body naturally produces.



  • Viscosupplement (joint lubrication)


Why would I need an injection therapy?

  1. Joint physiology: Since your joints are surrounded with avascular tissue, they heal much slower than tissue with blood supply. Your circulatory system acts like a taxi driver, supplying nutrient and chemical messengers to all your vascular tissue. An injection acts as artificial circulatory system.
  2. Chronic Inflammation: Inflammation is your body’s way of healing damaged tissue. When tissue is damaged, your body sends more nutrient rich blood to that area to heal the damage. However, when inflammation goes unchecked, as it does in chronic issues, it is very destructive. You can think of the difference in health tissue as a raw filet mignon, while chronically inflamed tissue acts more like beef jerky.
  3. Deep joint tissue: Since some joint tissue is so far away from the surface we cannot get to it with conservative therapies. Also, this deeper tissue has even less access to blood supply, making it very difficult to heal.
  4. Pain: If your pain is too great to do conservative therapy we may consider an injection to get you to a point where you are able to tolerate the conservative therapies.


Frisco Chiropractor | Injuries. Dr. Joshua Ferrell is a Frisco Chiropractor.