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Joint Health

Joint health has come a long way. Dr. Joshua Ferrell at Wellness Care in Frisco, Texas works diligently to keep up with advancements in joint health.

The reality is the Baby Boomers have saturated the health market. As a result of this inevitable age shift, many highly effect methods of restoring joints have been added to your ability to stay active in our later years. Not long ago the only commonly used method of treating damaged joint tissue was a steroid injection and if this did not work then it was on to surgery. Dr. Ferrell had teamed up with the leading regenerative joint therapy specialist in North Texas. Dr. Joshua Ferrell’s first step in assessing your needs is to perform a detailed history and a comprehensive exam of your joints. Many of Dr. Ferrell’s patients have as much as 75% improvement in 4 office visits. Dr. Ferrell’s first choice in joint health management is Fascial Distortion Model. This is a well-established well researched soft tissue model. Dr. Tyaldos M.D. created this model over 40 years ago. Dr. Tyaldos identified, through patient consultation and joint surgery, that there are 7 different type of connective tissue distortions. If Dr. Ferrell is able to identify you have one of these distortions you will most likely be able to return to your normal routine in a few days. If Dr. Ferrell determines your joint condition is more complicated he may ask you to have an MRI performed in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis.

If needed there are 5 other options for joint health.

• Prolotherapy

    Complex Sugar designed to repair damaged tendon tissue

• Platelet Rich Plasma

    Your own platelets designed to nourish and repair damaged tissue

• Sarapin

    Natural (Pitcher Plant) anti-inflammatory & pain reducer

• Corticosteroid

    Anti-inflammatory & pain reducer

    We use a bio-identical corticosteroid, it has the same effects as the corticosteroids your body naturally produces.

• Hyalgen

    Viscosupplement (joint lubrication)

Once Dr. Ferrell is able to restore normal joint function, we will design your custom exercise therapy in order to help you maintain your joint health.


Frisco Chiropractor | Joint Health. Dr. Joshua Ferrell is a Frisco Chiropractor.