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Wellness Solutions Frisco

8501 Wade Blvd. #310
Frisco, TX 75034

Nutritional Couseling

Dr. Joshua Ferrell in Frisco, Texas continues to expand his post graduate education. Dr. Ferrell understands that though all his patients have their individual health histories, they do have many things in common. One of these common needs is a Nutritional Evaluation. “When we look at how all the systems of the body work together we see a need for 3 areas of health education for our patients; Physical Health, Chemical Health and Emotional Health. The Chemical Health aspect includes our foods, personal care products, medicine and the thousands of chemical product we come into contact with every day. Dr. Ferrell provides nutritional counseling for all his patients, which are willing to make some small changes. “When people start to understand the true effects of their food choices and specifically why they are experiencing their health issues, it becomes easier to commit to making a change. One of my favorite nutrition classes teaches the purpose of Fat cells. Fat cell are endocrine organs (hormone producing cells.) They are also responsible for storing toxins. So it does not make since to the body to release all the stored toxins, just to look better in a bikini. In many cases we have to do a detoxification program just to start the weight loss process.”

Frisco Chiropractor | Nutritional Couseling. Dr. Joshua Ferrell is a Frisco Chiropractor.