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Frisco Chiropractor | Frisco chiropractic care | TX | Pain Management

Wellness Solutions Frisco

8501 Wade Blvd. #310
Frisco, TX 75034

Pain Management

Dr. Joshua Ferrell D.C. along with Dr. M. Thompson M.D. in Frisco, Texas offer acute pain management. It is important to know Dr. Joshua Ferrell understands that pain management is not a solution for your health, but an avenue to be able to obtain a solution. Dr. Ferrell’s goal for each patient is to identify and correct your underlying cause of your health condition.

So many of my patients are in severe pain when they first arrive at Wellness Care in Frisco, Texas, we had a great need to get them out of pain quickly. Although a medicinal solution is never our first step in treating our patients; we do have access to these medications if needed.

Pain management has many conservative options including Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Ultrasound, Massage and specific soft tissue release techniques. A small portion of Dr. Ferrell’s patients are unable to tolerate even the mildest form of conservative care, in this we are able to provide some medicinal options. As you know medications carry a list of side effect with them. One way Dr. Ferrell D.C. and Dr. Thompson M.D. have been able to offset some of these systemic side effects is by ordering compounded topical pain creams. Topical creams have shown to have less negative effects on the Liver, Kidneys and the body as a whole. If these solutions are not enough pain management for your needs we still have many other solutions. Sarapin for example has been used for pain management for over 70 years and is 100% Natural. Often our Regenerative solutions can result in a great decrease in your pain. Although we do not perform the regenerative treatments in our office, Dr. Ferrell’s staff is well trained in getting your procedures scheduled in a day or two. Once your need for pain management has been met; Dr. Ferrell will begin addressing the underlying cause of your condition and design a custom plan for your needs.


Frisco Chiropractor | Pain Management. Dr. Joshua Ferrell is a Frisco Chiropractor.