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Frisco Chiropractor | Frisco chiropractic care | TX | Why we're different?

Wellness Solutions Frisco

8501 Wade Blvd. #310
Frisco, TX 75034

Why we're different?


Dr. Ferrell is different than most primary care doctors in many ways. From a patient's point of view; Dr. Ferrell's compassion and humility stand out from the moment you meet him. From a professional point of view; I would say his passion for truly understanding his patient’s conditions and his ability to expand his knowledge are remarkable.

Growing up with scoliosis, which causes severe spinal deformity, Dr. Ferrell is very aware that physical pain and limitations lead to emotional stress. Dr. Ferrell always takes into account his patients desire to get well as soon as possible as well as the emotional effect we feel from pain. Dr. Ferrell starts with an in depth history of all his patients. This history guides his exam, which may include orthopedic, neurological, nutritional, stress evaluation or X-ray testing. Once this information is gathered, Dr. Ferrell will sit down with you and discuss your diagnosis in detail. Dr. Ferrell believes it is important that you understand your condition. Once a diagnosis is made, Dr. Ferrell may ask you to do a follow up test to support his treatment outcome. We call this a stress test. This is not a cardiovascular stress test. Once all the pieces are evaluated, you and Dr. Ferrell will decide if he will be able to accept you as a patient and if you accept the treatment Dr. Ferrell recommends.

Unfortunately many Chiropractors & Medical Doctors have the reputation of disagreeing with each other to the point of causing there patients to be missed diagnosed or even needlessly suffer. Dr. Ferrell has found a way to engage a healthy relationship with the medical and physical therapy community in efforts to have his patients receive the most accurate and effective health care. Dr. Ferrell D.C. and Dr. Murali Uppalari M.D. will discuss the findings of your exam and history and work together to create an effective treatment plan.

Doctor Ferrell attends more than the required continuing education for his profession. He has a very well rounded knowledge of many different conditions and how these conditions effect other systems of the body. He has studied Spinal correction, scoliosis care, nutrition, sports injuries, proper joint mechanics, blood chemistry evaluation and management of metabolic conditions. Dr. Ferrell has also attended training in proper communication. Communicating to patients is a vital part of patient success. It is unfortunate there is so much misinformation and downright lies when it comes to public health education. Dr. Ferrell has a high priority on patient education. Dr. Ferrell has been providing free health seminars for his patients for over ten years. I believe when you meet Dr. Ferrell it will be obvious to you; his compassion, his education and his desire to help you achieve your health goals.

Frisco Chiropractor | Why we're different?. Dr. Joshua Ferrell is a Frisco Chiropractor.